School Opening Arrangement

The Education Bureau (EDB) announced on 5th May, 2020 that school in Hong Kong can resume classes in a gradual and orderly manner.  Students will return to half-day classes and school will start according to the following schedule:

Our school has thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the school premises. We have urged all staff members to step up precautionary measures to maintain personal hygiene and environmental hygiene of the school. Besides, we will also request all the staff who have contacts with our students to take their temperature before going to school. If they have fever, they must not return to school. 

We will maintain the environmental hygiene of our school premises as far as we can to safeguard the health of our students. Cooperation from parents and students are important for us to maintain a clean and safe envvironment. As classes start, the following measures will be implement strictly:

a) Pay attention to the health condition of your child. He/She should stay away from school and see a doctor immediately if symptom, especially fever, is detected.

(b) Take your child’s temperature before he/ she goes to school every day. Fill in the record sheet in the school handbook and sign your name on it. Your child should return the completed record to us daily.

(c) To prevent infection, please ask your child to wear a mask every day.

With concerted efforts contributed by different parties, we look forward to overcoming the adversities of the pandemic so that students, teachers and parents can resume normal living and healthy life.